Congratulations on developing the skills that will lead towards high demand jobs in Idaho! This page is dedicated to providing you information about how to use the SkillStack® system inclusive of setting up accounts, checking progress on badges and sharing your earned badges with others. If you figure something out that we didn’t think of, send us a note ( and we’ll post it.

Step One

If you are taking classes that offer SkillStack® badges, set up your account. It’s simple – click the Register button and create your username and password. If you don’t know your student or institution ID, ask your instructor for it.

Step Two

Check out your badges. Once you have logged in, you can view the badges you’ve earned. Your instructor checks off skills that you’ve demonstrated proficiency in which leads to the badge. You need all the skills that are listed under a badge checked off in order for the badge to appear in your portfolio.

Notice that there is a URL specific to your portfolio. These are the links to your badges that you can share on your resume, LinkedIn profile, through email, and other places where you want an employer, college or others to see what you’ve accomplished.

Step Three

Check out the recommendations. On the Recommended Badges page, you’ll see the badges that you’ve earned, but have since expired (now would be a good time to renew those) and the badges you are working on. You’ll also see badges that are related to the ones you have earned. By clicking the “i” in the circle you can access career and education information through Next Steps Idaho.

One more thing…

When you register, you are asked for your email address. This is needed for password resets.. You’ll also have the ability to have your badges be searchable by businesses/recruiters. We will never tell them who you are or give them your personal information but if a business is looking for someone with skills like yours, SkillStack® will send you an email letting you know about the opportunity and how to apply. You can choose to opt out of this feature.